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Dream Comic


Small works on wood panel

8″ x 10″ landscapes

Made these over the summer. Acrylic/collage on canvas.

Summer sketching

Liking the Sharpie Pen on tracing paper

From my new stuff

Where they Bury the Bikes series

Gouache studies for bikes series

Where they bury the bicycles series

Glass Comic

Glass comic

Modes of Transportation series

I’m having fun with this theme. It makes it easy to think of things to make.

Some older work

These were from Jeanne and my show at the Albright Knox back in ~2001.

A couple more gouaches

Some new acrylics on linen

Some gouache doodles

Testing out the new scanner…

Small gouaches

Me and Griff back in the old days

Meadow Glen barn

Dumb comic


Probably my best bird photo yet, since I finally figured out how to use the autofocus

Downy Woodpecker