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Loyola Marymount

Loyola Marymount" gouche on handmade paper, 6"x9
“Loyola Marymount” gouche on handmade paper, 6″x9″

This is for my Uncle Billy. He’s not feeling too great so I’m sending it to him.

Small gouache painting of lakefront


Small gouache and graphite on Arches paper

Small gouache and graphite on arches paper

An old monoprint

Digging through my old stuff, and thought this was nice:

Studio window

I have a bunch of birds that hang out in the trees outside my studio window. I got my good camera geared up with a zoom lens and I try to take photos when I see them. Still getting used to the camera, so expect improvements over time. Here’s the latest:

A couple of oldies

Took some picks for my sister of old stuff I did. Here are a couple I forgot about.

Fonts I’ve made

Crystal Beach Pier

A couple more paintings from this summer, based on memory of the busted up pier that juts out into the point at Crystal Beach, Ont.

Event Speaker doodles

I’ve done a fair amount of these over the years. About time I put them all in one place.

Crystal Beach and Bay Beach Club Anchors

Some drawings I did in summer 2016, trying to come up with a logo or t-shirt idea for the Bay Beach Club in Ontario, Canada.

Views of Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach paintings

A couple more before I give ’em away…

Pier paintings

New stuff

making some gauche drawings/paintings


Sunday morning Wacom fun