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OK, dilemma here. Does the pointy part of a comment bubble icon face left or right? Consider:




so, which one says “Comments” more directly?

To clarify, here’s the one in the WordPress admin (I designed it):


And here’s the one on


I kinda wish now that I had made the point face left, like in, but maybe not…


4 responses to “Comment icons”

  1. Jennette Munger Avatar
    Jennette Munger

    I vote for left… it doesn’t force your eye to go backwards. Wait, is this is trick question?

  2. Definitely better one, not better two.

  3. Definately the first one. It just ‘feels’ better.

  4. Carsten Lund Thomsen Avatar
    Carsten Lund Thomsen

    I would go for left too.

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