Big Guys ‘n ‘Lil Guys : The Tale of Reggie and Mike

First draft of a children’s book I’ll maybe Illustrate someday

Reggie was a Big Guy. He could lift anything, even big buildings and cars. He was strong.

Mike was a ‘Lil Guy. He was really fast and could fit into small places when he needed to hide.

Reggie and Mike were really good at building cars that went really fast.

One day, Reggie and Mike went on a vacation, driving their cars in the desert sun. They were having lots of fun.

That same day some bad guys came to town. They wanted everyone to give them their money. But people in the town needed their money. They worked hard and had to save.

The bad guys were mean, and people were scared, so they gave them their stuff.

Mike’s nephew, ‘Lil Pipsqueak, had enough. He texted his uncle: “mike you need to come back now because the bad” … and that was all. ‘Lil Pipsqueak’s phone died, because the bad guys had taken his charger.

Mike looked at Reggie. Reggie looked at Mike. They knew what needed to be done.

Since their cars were so fast, they got back to town lickety-split. But nothing was right. Everything was wrong. Things were missing. But where were those bad guys?

Well, they knew you shouldn’t mess with Reggie and Mike, so the bad guys hid and thought they were safe.

But Mike knew all the hiding spots and found them quick-as-lightning. The bad guys came out with their hands up.

When they did that, all the money, toys, jewelry, food, and chargers they stole from the poor people spilt out of their pockets all over the ground.

Everyone ran up and got their stuff back, cheering for Reggie and Mike.

Reggie lifted up the bad guys and put them on the tallest mountain, where they had to stay for a whole week.

Mike ran up with bread and water every day so they didn’t die.

Reggie and Mike taught the bad guys how to make cars that went fast, so they didn’t have to steal to get money. The bad guys turnt into good guys, making fast cars for everybody in the town.

The End