Looking for the ultimate makhani sauce recipe

I seriously believe Makhani sauce is the best stuff you can eat on this planet. But it is incredibly hard to make. At least, that’s been my impression to date. I spent an afternoon constructing something verbatum from some website, and it sucked so bad I tossed the entire batch.

So I’m done trying to make it. Anyone know where I can buy a TUB of the stuff??

Quick and Easy Recipe #2-get the kids back in school

I borrowed heavily from a link my Brother sent me for this one:


but when I tried it on the kids recently they gagged. Soon after they all got sick, really sick, and have stayed home from school most of this week.  So I tried it again with different ingredients:

3 bullion cubes (Beef, Veg, Chicken, whatever)

Bag of noodles (not Italian pasta–using that for anything non-Italian kinda grosses me out)

2 Scallions, sliced up super thin

Boil a big pot (fill halfway w/water) and a small pot (3-4 cups) of water. Add the noodles to the big pot and the builion to the small pot. Drain the noodles when they’re soft, throw them back in the big pot, pour the builion over the noodles, and dump in the scallions.

You can add more stuff if you want, but remember–gag-risk increases exponentially with number of both ingredients and kids.

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