I’m Ben Dunkle. I go by @empireoflight on Twitter and WordPress.org. I’m @dmaprof on Instagram.

I’m a professor in the Digital Media Arts program at Canisius University. When I’m not teaching, I contribute to WordPress, make plugins, organize community events centered around WordPress, make art, fonts, icons, and WordPress plugins. I build websites and other stuff as Field 2 Design.

Occasionally, I post content here. Please bookmark and/or check my site regularly for updates!


  • Breakfast

    Eli wanted eggs. He asked “Is the yoke a duck?”

  • Babysitters, hockey, leaves

    I spent most of today cleaning the garage, or at least I spent the largest block of definable time cleaning the garage. The kids watched way too much tv. Ever since we got extended cable services, zack n cody and hannah montana have been looping over and over, engaging my kids’ full attention the whole…

  • Need a grant

    My idea is so good I know I could get a grant. How do you get an artist grant, anyone?

  • French Fries

    In Fort Erie, Canada, where I go once a month to deposit a check, there’s a little french fry truck that I always hit up for a medium w/ketchup salt and vinegar. Eli and Nan came this time and got their fry on. Next time I have to remember to get a small, not a…

  • Eli's trip to the dentist

    So Eli had a run in with the dentist and went from his jolly self to a smear over the course of 1 hour. He has to go back twice; it’s going to be hell getting him back once. I remember going through hell when I was his age at the dentist. After my mom…