Month: March 2009

  • Quick and easy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    I’ll post my favorite quick and easy recipes as I think of them. I’ve had enough with long winded, 3 dozen ingredient jpbs-I never make them right. Either I’m too lazy or not a very talented cook (probably co-dependent factors there), but I’ve wasted too much time and money on busted meals. This one is…

  • Notes from sabbatical

    Been to the studio twice, have four plates ready to proof. Friday is working out to be the best day in terms of free time, so I should have some stuff ready by end of this week. Built a bunch of icons in photoshop, just b/w now, will try to export to C4D and see…

  • Done with apple

    I had planned on picking up a new mini for my kids once the imac g5 loaner goes back, but this puts me over the edge: It seems that apple has begun the same downward spiral toward pissing off the customer base that nearly ruined Microsoft. I hope they can turn it around.

  • Old Count Chocula vs New Count Chocula

    Old Count Chocula vs New Count Chocula

    I saw a group on facebook devoted to this cereal, and I’ll join, but I hate that Chocula followed the path of most good cereals-over design. Here’s how it works: