Month: January 2009

  • Sabbatical list

    -learn base -learn python

  • Dilemna (I mean DILEMMA!)

    We have ivy all over the front of the house, and lots of little birds live in it. They also crap all over our front entranceway. Eli and Nancy like to watch them out the window in my closet; it’s almost totally covered in ivy and you get an up-close view of the birds. So…

  • Comparing the anti-aliasing properties of Illustrator and Photoshop (cs4)

    Comparing the anti-aliasing properties of Illustrator and Photoshop (cs4)

    I’ve read (can’t think of where at the moment: UPDATE: Jonathan Hicks pimps fireworks here: ) articles applauding the pixel preview functionality of AI, especially when it comes to designing low resolution icons. I investigated this a bit and here’s what I found: Compare the above. Both are 16×16 pixel circles, but the Photoshop one…

  • 1-13-08

    Worked on some c4d stuff today. I think it will be a major part of what I do for the project. Sketches first, then move into c4d, then photoshop. I also have to keep this blog updated.

  • Urinals

    Urinals are cool. I want one in my house.

  • Dreams

    3 Dreams last night: 1. I was at a church, saying something about having to keep church stuff in mind at your home. I was like preaching this, even though I wasn’t the priest. Everyone was like “yeah”. The we drove up Brookside Ave (back in LI) to a baseball diamond. There was one of…

  • Sabbatical

    So, for my sabbatical rundown of things to do: Design the icons for the project. Keep learning wordpress. Organize the attic, especially all the artwork ??