Ben Dunkle

I’m a professor, designer, and artist. I draw on memory and nostalgia for inspiration. My recent work consists mainly of drypoint, monoprint, collage, silkscreen, acrylic, and gouache works on paper and canvas.

I completed my BFA and MFA in Printmaking, with a concentration on intaglio and bookmaking.  I’ve continued to practice printmaking my entire career. I incorporate digital processes into traditional printmaking methods by drawing imagery on a computer, printing it, and transferring it to paper and canvas. 3D design and printmaking is a major focus as well.

Latest Post

Chess Set v1

Posted on December 26, 2020

Over the past COVID afflicted year, I’ve spent countless hours learning 3D design and printing. I find that the best way to both teach and learn new skills is to take on a project with a tangible outcome––in an area the student is passionate about. For me, this was the perfect chess set. I wanted […]

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