Ben Dunkle

I’m a professor, designer, and artist. I draw on memory and nostalgia for inspiration. My recent work consists mainly of drypoint, monoprint, collage, silkscreen, acrylic, and gouache works on paper and canvas.

I completed my BFA and MFA in Printmaking, with a concentration on intaglio and bookmaking.  I’ve continued to practice printmaking my entire career. I incorporate digital processes into traditional printmaking methods by drawing imagery on a computer, printing it, and transferring it to paper and canvas. 3D design and printmaking is a major focus as well.

Latest Post

Staff meeting doodles

Posted on November 18, 2021

My MFA professor, the great Harvey Breverman, used to doodle his colleagues during meetings and it rubbed off on me. Here’s my latest from yesterday, done on my iPad in Procreate.

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