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Coconut Shrimp Recipe

I been working on my coconut shrimp:

  1. Throw frozen shrimp in some cool water for 1/2 hour or so or whatever
  2. pull off the shrimp shells and chuck ’em
  3. heat up pan with 1/4 inch oil on medium/high
  4. dry off shrimp in some paper towels and chuck em in the flour/old bay mix and dredge those bad boyz
  5. coat the dredged shrimp in a whisked mix of egg/milk/beer
  6. Toss coated shrimp in the coconut/bread crumb/pepper flak mix
  7. Whisk mayo/marmalade, squeeze 1/2 lime in it and whisk more
  8. Throw shrimp in pan for 3-4 miutes, turn
  9. Wait 3-4 minutes, place cooked shrimp on paper towels
  10. When cool enough, serve with mayo/marmalade dip. Toothpicks are good to have at this point.