Why I don’t put a link to my website in my clients’ footers

Because it looks bad. When someone builds your house, they don’t put “built by houses-r-us™”. When someone replaces your roof, maybe they’ll stick a sign in your lawn saying “Roof by roofs-r-us™”, but you’re gonna yank that thing out pretty quickly. If people want to know who built my site, they’ll contact the site owner.

Depeche Mode

Always been one of my favorite bands, but their songs are hit or miss. Actually, the segments of their songs are like that. At times they can blow me away with Gahan’s vocals and the layers beneath, and then lose me with a shift into something that’s just not right. E.g.: http://youtu.be/XfG8O_Fq_vg?t=1m34s The chorus there […]

Nancy the swimmer

So Nan has decided she doesn’t want to swim. Well, she’s always complained about going to swim team but I finally caved and stopped bringing her. I guess that makes me a bad parent. I just got sick of fighting with her, dragging her out the door with a grocery bag of wet towels, suits, […]

Game idea

This is so simple, and doable You control a node You can move that node around in a fixed 2d space If you collide with another node, you fight by clicking as fast as you can If you click faster than that node, you grow Clickrate is modified by your size The bigger you are, […]

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