Month: November 2016

  • A couple of oldies

    A couple of oldies

    Took some picks for my sister of old stuff I did. Here are a couple I forgot about.

  • Purchase days
  • Typography sucks on screen



    We’re in an odd place with the whole typography thing. Most people who look at computers on a daily basis have an idea of what fonts are. They just have no idea about how beautiful they can be. The reason is that screens suck. They are either too low resolution (we can see the pixels)…

  • Frottage

    This was one of the first techniques I learned when I began art school, back in fall ’89. It was eye-opening. For the first time, I wasn’t responsible for every nuance that came along. The surface dictated what marks were left. Suddenly, I felt a sense of freedom from that burden of decision in art;…