Month: September 2009

  • Futura vs. Verdana

    OK all you typography snobs out there, up in arms over Ikea’s recent switch to Verdana (google ikea verdana), ask yourselves: If you had one store to shop for all of your furniture, what would it be? Ikea, right. If you had one font to use on everything you designed, what would it be? Well,…

  • Bang Bang You're Dead

    I want this book: The kids basically maul each other in a war. This would make such a better movie than “Where the Wild Things Are”.

  • Things are better for my kids

    A theme you hear is how parents want to make sure their kids have all the things they didn’t. I don’t get that. I had everything; my parents gave us lots of toys and good food and everything. Maybe it was being a child of the 70s/80s, when things were pretty plentiful. Today I was…