Month: August 2009

  • Textwrangler 3 released

    My favorite text editor just got updated. Woopee!

  • The BBPress icons

    The BBPress icons

    Here’s some recent icons done for BBPress:

  • Gallery 3 icons

    Gallery 3 icons

    I’ve been working on icons for the upcoming release of Gallery 3 ( Here they are:

  • A good beach day

    Well there’s nothing like spending a 90º summer afternoon in a cool lake with your three kids, all under the age of 12 mind you (that’s key), wrestling and throwing them around in the waves, with high winds whipping up one-footers. Of course it ain’t the Atlantic, but whatryagonnado. We followed it up with some…

  • Wordcamp Buffalo?

    Thinking about trying to organize a Wordcamp in Buffalo some time next Spring. Anyone interested in helping out? I need to find sponsors, venue, speakers, etc. Not sure I want to get into unless I have some people backing me up!

  • Coconut Shrimp Recipe

    I been working on my coconut shrimp: 1 pack 25-35 frozen shrimp, e-z-peel®™© 2 tb Flour/2 tsp Old Bay mixed together in a bowl 1 Lime Handful Sweet Shredded Coconut Handful Bread Crumbs pinch red hot pepper flakes 1/4 cup Milk/cream 2 eggs 2 tbsp Mayonnaise 3 tbsp Orange Marmalade Throw frozen shrimp in some…