Babysitters, hockey, leaves

I spent most of today cleaning the garage, or at least I spent the largest block of definable time cleaning the garage.

The kids watched way too much tv. Ever since we got extended cable services, zack n cody and hannah montana have been looping over and over, engaging my kids’ full attention the whole time.

Grif and eli got some backyard hockey time in, but eli cried a lot because grif wanted to play keep away. Playing keep away with your much bigger, faster older brother isn’t much fun. I suggested passing practice. Grif groaned.

Cousin Emily babysat for the second time this week. We went to Jeff and Kims around the corner, watched the sabres get beat, met some new people.

All those leaves in the yard. Most of them were in the garage at the start of the day, until I blew them out. I spent so much time blowing leaves around, wondering occasionally what the kids were doing.

Jeanne has to get up at 5:45 tomorrow and get eli to hockey practice. I’m siked it ain’t me.

French Fries

In Fort Erie, Canada, where I go once a month to deposit a check, there’s a little french fry truck that I always hit up for a medium w/ketchup salt and vinegar. Eli and Nan came this time and got their fry on. Next time I have to remember to get a small, not a medium, for each of them as they left half uneaten. Faces covered in ketchup, had to strip Nan down and wash her off as she got it all over her clothes.

Eli's trip to the dentist

So Eli had a run in with the dentist and went from his jolly self to a smear over the course of 1 hour. He has to go back twice; it’s going to be hell getting him back once.
I remember going through hell when I was his age at the dentist. After my mom would buy me a toy, she felt so sorry for me. I felt like getting Eli a toy, but it would’ve become a huge production with Grif and Nan wanting in on the action.