This was one of the first techniques I learned when I began art school, back in fall ’89. It was eye-opening. For the first time, I wasn’t responsible for every nuance that came along. The surface dictated what marks were left. Suddenly, I felt a sense of freedom from that burden of decision in art; …

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TV Shows

Vikings is one of my favorite shows. Great characters. I’ve especially liked scenes with Harbard lately. He’s an amazing, intriguing character that embodies the mythology and superstition that were rampant in that time. My favorite line of his came during the last show, “Possession is the opposite of love”. Can’t stop thinking about how true that …

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WordCamp US

Quick summary of the trip: The conference: The location: Weather: was awesome Family: Loved seeing my Mom, Dad, Clare and Bob, walking around and learning the neighborhood The Barnes Museum was too crowded. But this made it all ok. Food: Spice End was the best thing I ate on the trip. Second best was Tir Na Nog because it was …

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