NEA logo entry

So last month I spent a bunch of time working on a logo design in response to Uncle Sam’s RFP: . Regardless of what I think of spec work, I love high scale design competitions. Too much design is born from who-you-know and schmoozing. Here’s my submission:

The mccondo

I’m at the ft Erie town meeting and 2 hours into it were hearing the same pro-condo heads go on and on. Were all in agreement on this point- the town needs more people, more business. The people you’re gonna get are not what you want. You want people to fix the cottages and build […]

Futura vs. Verdana

OK all you typography snobs out there, up in arms over Ikea’s recent switch to Verdana (google ikea verdana), ask yourselves: If you had one store to shop for all of your furniture, what would it be? Ikea, right. If you had one font to use on everything you designed, what would it be? Well, […]

A good beach day

Well there’s nothing like spending a 90º summer afternoon in a cool lake with your three kids, all under the age of 12 mind you (that’s key), wrestling and throwing them around in the waves, with high winds whipping up one-footers. Of course it ain’t the Atlantic, but whatryagonnado. We followed it up with some […]

Wordcamp Buffalo?

Thinking about trying to organize a Wordcamp in Buffalo some time next Spring. Anyone interested in helping out? I need to find sponsors, venue, speakers, etc. Not sure I want to get into unless I have some people backing me up!

Coconut Shrimp Recipe

I been working on my coconut shrimp: 1 pack 25-35 frozen shrimp, e-z-peel®™© 2 tb Flour/2 tsp Old Bay mixed together in a bowl 1 Lime Handful Sweet Shredded Coconut Handful Bread Crumbs pinch red hot pepper flakes 1/4 cup Milk/cream 2 eggs 2 tbsp Mayonnaise 3 tbsp Orange Marmalade Throw frozen shrimp in some […]

Quick and Easy Recipe #2-get the kids back in school

I borrowed heavily from a link my Brother sent me for this one: but when I tried it on the kids recently they gagged. Soon after they all got sick, really sick, and have stayed home from school most of this week.  So I tried it again with different ingredients: 3 bullion cubes (Beef, […]

Comment icons

OK, dilemma here. Does the pointy part of a comment bubble icon face left or right? Consider: versus: so, which one says “Comments” more directly? To clarify, here’s the one in the WordPress admin (I designed it): And here’s the one on I kinda wish now that I had made the point face left, […]