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Oct. 12, 2017

On light

We see because of light reacting with our crazy eyes and ocular nerves and brains. But there’s a lot to …Read More

Multiple master icons

Just like fonts, icons can be designed in different weights. Here’s how it works in my current design, chubbicons:   …Read More

Sep. 18, 2017

Modes of Transportation series

I’m having fun with this theme. It makes it easy to think of things to make.

Sep. 09, 2017

A standard for user interface icon design

Editing this article to discuss general icon design standards, which I believe are needed. Icons should down-rez gracefully to small …Read More

Sep. 06, 2017

Some older work

These were from Jeanne and my show at the Albright Knox back in ~2001.

Aug. 29, 2017

Big Guys ‘n ‘Lil Guys : The Tale of Reggie and Mike

First draft of a children’s book I’ll maybe Illustrate someday Reggie was a Big Guy. He could lift anything, even …Read More

Aug. 22, 2017

Cooper Union

As soon as I was considering life after high school, I had my heart set on Cooper Union. I wanted …Read More

Aug. 08, 2017

A couple more gouaches

Some new acrylics on linen

Jul. 25, 2017

First “daily recap” post

Jeanne and I were talking about how we have no idea what we did a year ago on any given …Read More

Jul. 20, 2017

Some gouache doodles

Testing out the new scanner…

Jun. 27, 2017

Small gouaches

Jun. 25, 2017

Had to be the most beautiful day

Went up to Canada with Nancy and her friend. Stopped at the grocery, got the guac stuff and some burger …Read More

Jun. 24, 2017

Me and Griff back in the old days

Jun. 17, 2017

In defense of “Code is Poetry”

Just watched Boone Gorges break down the ubiquitous motto. If not poetry, what is code? Gorges suggested craftsmanship, architecture, bridge-building, …Read More

May. 25, 2017


I have the app, I’ve played with it, made some icons, and I still don’t get it. I think folks who …Read More

The most beautiful soft rain

is falling outside my Lyons office window.  

May. 22, 2017

WP font

Who’s down to make a font for WordPress? I am! I’ve brought this up before. It makes sense to have …Read More

Apr. 23, 2017

Mystery Meat Icons

Icons are everywhere. As the contexts within which we interpret content become more unpredictable, so does our reliance on iconography …Read More

Mar. 22, 2017

Meadow Glen barn

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