Chess thoughts

If you know me, you probably know I’m a big chess fan. I’ve been playing it almost all my life, having learned it from my friend Chucky’s grampa and being fascinated by every aspect of it ever since. I definitely play too much–the internet makes it so easy to grab a quick game on a […]

Chess Set v1

Over the past COVID afflicted year, I’ve spent countless hours learning 3D design and printing. I find that the best way to both teach and learn new skills is to take on a project with a tangible outcome––in an area the student is passionate about. For me, this was the perfect chess set. I wanted […]

Context Queries in CSS

Media queries are firmly established methods for serving custom experiences based on the media being used to access content. However, there’s no way to an experience based on the context being used. How crazy would it be would it be if this were possible? Imagine some code that went like: @context (currently-traveling:yes AND role:driver) { […]


We used to play this all the time growing up. I don’t see kids playing it anymore. Other sports are easy to get pickup going. You can play one-on-one hoops. 2-hand-touch only really needs 4 players. Same with street hockey. Baseball is so fun to play, but you never have enough kids, or equipment, or […]

A theme for artists

WordPress is great place for writers. But what about for artists? Are your needs fulfilled by the built in tools WP provides, or do you rely on plugins to present your images the way you want them to look? Is there a theme that works best for you, or does it lack certain features? Are […]