I’m Ben Dunkle. I go by @empireoflight on Twitter and WordPress.org. I’m @dmaprof on Instagram.

I’m a professor in the Digital Media Arts program at Canisius University. When I’m not teaching, I contribute to WordPress, make plugins, organize community events centered around WordPress, make art, fonts, icons, and WordPress plugins. I build websites and other stuff as Field 2 Design.

Occasionally, I post content here. Please bookmark and/or check my site regularly for updates!


  • The Circles in Powerpoint

    In the upper-right cornerof the screenare some little circlesarranged in a gridthey are different colors—maroon, sky-blue, tan  They remind meof circles I sawwhen I was very youngvery tactileI could almost taste them

  • Swimming

    So I started swimming. Last night I went 3000 yards in an hour. Not bad for being out of it for a year. I’ve always loved swimming on a certain level. There’s no impact, just a “plodding along” type of thing. People hate it because it’s boring compared to running or biking. There’s nothing to…

  • The future of media

    I see a singularity in media, and it comes in the form of a special combo visor/glove. Parts of visor can be activated, or it can completely take over your visual space. It acts as your phone, home theater, gaming system, tv screen, etc. This way the visor can enhance the real world or replace…

  • Chucky

    When I was very young, I spent a lot of time at the Steins house: View Larger Map Around the corner was a kid named Chucky. He was a little younger than Matt Stein and me, so we pushed him around. He was really weird. I don’t think his parents lived in that house; I…

  • Been a while

    I need to keep up with this. Sorry for the lag. I need to record all these little things. Eli was fun to watch in Irish Dance today. I love walking home from there, in the dusk, Eli and Nancy running ahead as we walk home. It makes me think I’m in movie or something.…

  • Burgers

    They were thin but tough. Next time I will cook them for less time.