Futura vs. Verdana

Posted on September 20, 2009

OK all you typography snobs out there, up in arms over Ikea’s recent switch to Verdana (google ikea verdana), ask yourselves: If you had one store to shop for all of your furniture, what would it be? Ikea, right.
If you had one font to use on everything you designed, what would it be? Well, you basically have to choose a web-safe, sans-serif font to maximize utility, so here are your choices:
Trebuchet MS

Personally, I’da gone with Lucida, but Verdana’s as good as any.

3 thoughts on “Futura vs. Verdana

  1. I’ve been a Lucida man for ages. I reject Verdana. But for all of my correspondence, I broke down and bought Whitney. Classy.

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