Just won the wordpress 2.7 icon competition!

Posted on November 17, 2008

So psyched I won; I really busted my butt on these, and I’m glad it paid off. So happy to be involoved with such a cool project as WordPress:


11 thoughts on “Just won the wordpress 2.7 icon competition!

  1. Congratulation! I was voting for your icons, and I am happy to know that they have been chosen. They are beautiful, very well made!

    Greetings from Birgitte, Denmark.

    ps. I can recomend a wordpress blog! 🙂

  2. Thanks; I’m cleaning them up now. This blog is actually a wordpress blog, as bare-bones as it looks. I need to put some social widgets on it…
    I should say Verena’s were really nice too. Congrats to her!

  3. Hey Ben! Just saw you won and wanted to wish you a quick congrats. Didn’t get to vote myself, but I definitely think the “best man” won. Great job!

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